????????????????????????????????????I volunteer at a ranch. When I found out two horses there were being sent to auction due to budget concerns, I asked the owner if I could find homes for them instead. They are kind, sweet and have great personaliti es, but both are older and can’t be ridden any longer so I was really afraid for what would happen to them if they went to auction. Thankfully I was given permission to re – home them and honestly I wasn’t too sure where to start since my experience wi th rescuing animals has all been with cats and dogs. My best friend who is a horsewoman started contacting people and so did I. I emailed a friend who runs a non – profit that spays and neuters dogs and cats and she gave me the Arizona Coalition for Equ ines website and I’m so glad she did. I was able to email horse rescues listed on their website and three people on the ACE Board of Directors (Carol, Karen and Jen) immediately became invaluable for their support and help. They patiently answered my quest ions and offered help with temporary supplies of hay and medical attention, if needed. So, after many prayers, emails and phone calls – these two beautiful horses have a great home. At first it was to be a foster home; the wonderful woman who took the m in told us she had room for them and was very willing to take care of them but could not afford to feed two extra horses. ACE donated hay for them while we figured it out. Friends and family donated some more money for hay to give us more time. And t hen when we saw how well and happy they were there, we came up with a plan for sponsors for their feed and ACE graciously gave us another donation while we got it all together. I will always be grateful for this help – it enabled us to have the time to for mulate a plan for these lovely horses and now they can live out their lives together peacefully. They are home. This story was submitted by a wonderful and caring person who put forth the effort necessary to ensure a great future for these senior citizen s . Kudos!

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