Rosita Arrives At  Arizona Equine Hospital To Prepare For Her Surgery 


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Heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to the donors who contributed to the fund for Rosie’s surgery. As of today, the full amount needed to schedule her procedure has come in and the next step is to arrange with her surgeon the date and time to start her new life. Stay tuned for updates on Rosie’s surgery, recovery and rehab!

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Rosita Fundraiser Appeal
They just wanted to get rid of her” 

So badly injured that she is only able to hobble, Rosie, a two-year-old chestnut filly in Phoenix-was a victim of being ridden too hard too early in her young life-and was all but useless in the eyes of her owner. So he dumped her on Craigslist, saying “someone just take her for free.” In her condition, the likely outcome would have been euthanasia or a slaughterhouse across the border in Mexico.

That’s when the Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE)-a statewide emergency assistance organization for horses in trouble-stepped in, took ownership of the endangered filly, known as Rosita, and had her injuries evaluated by two Phoenix veterinarians. The diagnosis is serious-the tendons in her front legs are badly contracted, causing her fetlocks to buckle forward and making it impossible for her to straighten her front legs. Despite this severe disability, the filly’s spirits are good, her eyes bright, her nature sweet, her attitude stoic…Those who put eyes and hands on her were struck by her strong will to live. Because of this, and also her young age, the possibility that she can be brought back to full and normal function is good-IF she undergoes a $3500 tendon surgery and IF she can be properly nursed and rehabilitated after the surgery.

Starting today, ACE is launching a fundraiser to generate the $3500 for this surgery. Post-op care and rehab has been arranged at a spacious horse ranch in the grasslands of southern Arizona with a skilled horsewoman and equine therapist who has offered to provide this care at no cost to ACE. This fantastic coming-together of a caring team means this young horse has a real chance to move toward a full and normal life. Please help us in any way possible, large or small, to raise this money and make it happen! Remember ACE is a 501(c ) 3 non-profit organization, so all donations –earmarked for “The Rosie Fund”- are tax-deductible.

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