Rosita:  Rehab and Recovery Update April 7, 2014

Rosita leaving AZ Eq 3-24-14 (2)

Rosita has sailed through her complex surgery at Arizona Equine in Phoenix to straighten her injured front legs. Ligaments were cut on both sides, with the right leg requiring a specialized splint due to the severity of the contraction and the traumatic injuries sustained, ridden too hard and too young.

Now recovering well, Rosie was feeling rambunctious enough to break the splint applied right after surgery from her newly found activity level! Keeping the splint on is key to her proper healing so she requires close supervision.
A heartfelt Thank You to everyone who contributed to her surgical fund to make this possible.

Recovery and rehabilitation for this brave- heart filly will be challenging,……and more costly than anticipated due to the special brace, frequent bandage changes and nutritional supplements needed to build her immune system.

Now in her new home in southern Arizona, Rosie receives large doses of TLC and daily therapeutic hand-walking by skilled individuals who are volunteering their time and resources to help her recuperate.

To assist her caretakers with expenses, a “Rosie Recovery Fundraiser” has been started and all donations designated will go directly to providing what is needed to return her to full functioning and recovery….and her future!

Donations may be made on the ACE website at
or mailed to:

Arizona Coalition for Equines
PO Box 1685
Green Valley, AZ 85622

Please note on your donation:“For The Rosie Recovery Fund”

Watch the website for further updates of Rosie’s progress!! Thank you for helping Arizona equines!

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