0825141526aDixie loves horses. Battling a serious illness, it was a devastating loss when her own horse died last fall.  With her medical challenges, it was not realistic for her to purchase another equine.  When the opportunity to provide a safe place to stay and lots of love to “Goldie”, a mare in need, Dixie offered to take her in with the agreement the owner would provide her feed.  Things were going well, with Goldie gaining weight and recovering from a foot injury, and then an emergency happened with the owner. Unable to locate him, and in need of hay for Goldie, Dixie called ACE late on a Sunday night as she had run out of hay on Saturday. ACE volunteer Michelle took hay over that night so Goldie would have feed.0825141526e The next day ACE delivered several bales of hay until the owner could be located. Heartfelt thanks to all who pitched in to help a hungry horse! The generosity of donors makes this assistance possible!

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